Biopsy & Puncture
Biopsy needle
Semi-automatic Biopsy Needle
Anesthesia Mask(Anaesthesia Mask)
Breathing Circuit &Bain Circuit(Co-axial Circuit)
Breathing Circuit Fixity
Division of cardiology
Tourniquet (Radial Artery Compression Device)
Suction Liner
Drainage bottle
Skin Marker
Breathing bag-latex-free
Loss of Resistance(LOR) Syringe for Anesthes

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Welcome to MEDPLUS web site!

Medplus a high-tech company that engages in developing, manufacturing and distributing disposable medical devices based on modernengineering and clinical medicine. Medplus provides quality products tocustomers both in China and all over the world.

Medplus Inc. was founded in August 2006 and started manufacturing at the beginning of 2007 with "Permitfor manufacturing medical devices" granted by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration. With years of efforts, the company has become a manufacturer of medical devices with polymeric materials and taking out multiple patents on technology. Medplus Inc. is now a mature company in developing, manufacturing and distributing disposable medical devices to the domestic market and abroad.

At the present Our primary products are Skin marker, Loss of resistance(LOR) syringe, Breathing circuit, Anesthesia breathing bag, Anesthesia mask, endoscopy mask, Tourniquet (Radial Artery Compression Device), Biopsy Needles, suction liner, circuit fixity and Checkvalve etc.

As a professional manufacturer of medical devices, Medplus has formulated a clear development goal and service purpose when it was first founded. Medplus is highly recognized by clients and peer companies for its relentless entrepreneurship, professional acumen and high efficiency. The quality policy Medplus has been adhering to is "customer communication, innovation and quality guarantee". The company core values are integrity,morality responsibility and product safety.

We have maintained our communication and corporation with various professional medical institutions and well-known manufacturers of medical devices all over the world. We gain valuable experiences from practice. We assist our customers in further enhancement on the premise of customer satisfaction. We strive to provide our customers with products of quality and cutting edge.